As adorable as the animal, this ultra-affordable electric car could be coming to Europe

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Geometry, the Chinese brand belonging to the Geely group, gives news of its Panda Mini, an electric city car that competes head-on with the Dacia Spring. Revealing its interior and its price, this newcomer could arrive in Europe.

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Do you know Geometry? Most likely not, and to be honest, that’s completely normal. It is a young brand, founded in 2019 by the Chinese group Geely, which has several renowned manufacturers in our country, such as Volvo, Lynk & Co or Lotus, among others. And get ready to listen to it, since little by little it arrives with us with a first model, an electric SUV called Geometry C.

A charming city dweller

Sold in Hungary through an importer, this one might not stay alone for long. Precisely, the manufacturer has just revealed new data about its urban car, taking the name of Panda Mini. If it had already been shown a few months before, the brand had not yet given much information about which could compete head-on with the Dacia Spring.

Adopting an adorable appearance reminiscent of the Japanese Kei Carsthis new chinese creation shows a length of only 3.07 meters by 1.52 meters wide and 1.60 meters high. A very small size for the urban car, whose wheelbase measures 2.02 meters. The front features two small round headlamps, particularly reminiscent of the Honda E, while the rear is adorned with more conventional square headlamps. Various acid shades are available in the catalogue, including blue, green or even pink and white.

For the first time, Geometry reveals cockpit images of the also-should compete Wuling Hongguang Mini EV. As shown in the images transmitted by the Chinese site. is homethe presentation is rather classic while the city car is equipped with a 9.2-inch digital terminal associated with a 8 inch touch screen. The latter is equipped with navigation and works on Bluetooth. However, we do not know if it is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

As you can imagine, the endowment is rather minimalist. Indeed, and as indicated autohome, the Panda Mini comes with central locking, height-adjustable headlights and electric windows. The reversing radar is also part of the equipment depending on the chosen finish. notice that the car can be unlocked with a smartphone, through the Geely Car Owner app. Some data, such as the volume of the trunk, have not yet been communicated.

Less than 6,000 euros

Geometry takes the opportunity to say a little more about the data sheet of its new creation, which comes in two battery sizes, with capacities of 9.61 kWh and 17.03 kWh. So, autonomy is between 120 and 200 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle much more optimized than our WLTP. Then it will be necessary to count between about 100 and 170 kilometers on a single charge. For comparison, the Dacia Spring can travel up to 230 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle with its 27.4 kWh battery.

So we must count about 30 minutes to charge the car from 30 to 80% at a maximum power of 22 kW. The city car develops between 20 and 30 kW, the equivalent of 27 to 40 horsepower. The Spring oscillates between 44 and 65 horsepower in its new Extreme version presented a few weeks earlier.

If Geely hasn’t announced the exact launch date, we now know the price of the city car. And the least we can say is that they defy all competition, whereas the car starts from 39,900 yuan, or approximately 5,478 euros. It is cheaper than a Citroën Ami, which displays an entry ticket from 7,700 euros, while the Dacia Spring starts at 20,800 euros, an ecological bonus that is not discounted. The most expensive version of the Panda Mini is priced at 53,900 yuan or 7,400 euros.

If the city car only destination China for now, it is not excluded that one day it will make its arrival in Europe like the Geometry C. If so one day, its price should be much higher, but in any case it should do a lot of damage to the European references in the segment. One more threat to specialists, who already view this invasion of Chinese manufacturers in the Old Continent with very bad eyes…

Electric car: a little Panda?  Yes, but at the Chinese giant Geely

The Geometry brand, belonging to the Chinese group Geely, prepares an unprecedented electric city car called Panda Mini. Like the recently introduced Geometry C, this one could very well make its way to Europe in the future.
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