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What do you think of virtual reality? Are you thinking about buying headphones or are you waiting for Apple to launch theirs to decide? Tell us in our survey of the week.

Source: Chloé Pertuis and Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

VR, for virtual reality, is a technology that is full of promise and disappointment. Since the first VR glasses, the market promises to explode, find outlets in the professional sector, revolutionize video games or the way we consume content.

But the sales figures show that it is still a very small market. Only 9.6 million helmets were sold in 2022, a figure 12% lower than the previous year. Thus, we remain largely in a niche market, despite the entry price drop to 400 euros with the Pico 4. However, this is not surprising given the limitations: gaming space, dedicated device and social isolation. .

PS VR2 shouldn’t be a game changer

This week, we launched our test of PlayStation VR 2, Sony’s second virtual reality headset, and it demonstrates the difficulties of this market. The device has technological achievements, but we don’t think Sony is ready to fully invest in monitoring software, with major titles first party at launch. What to wonder about the expediency of buying such an object.

Beyond the simple question of virtual reality, there is the question of mixed reality, or MR, which could unleash the potential. Meta has already invested heavily in this little game with its Meta Quest Pro. We’re also waiting for news from Apple, which is rumored to have its first headset with mixed reality capabilities. Let’s not forget, though, that this is an Arlesian who has been accumulating rumors for years.

Do you believe in virtual reality?

It is for these reasons that we decided to ask for your opinion on virtual reality. Due to the specifics of the medium, some may be tempted by its promises in-game or elsewhere. Others may be a bit spooked by this not-yet-cleared area. Maybe they will wait for Apple to lay the groundwork for the rest of the industry? Perhaps you are one of those who is totally uninterested in him?


VR headsets: do you care or don’t you care?

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