Apple’s new affordable tablet finally drops in price during sales

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At Apple we have seen the tenth generation of the iPad appear in recent months. This tablet has got a new look and brings some notable changes. Its price is quite high, but if this model catches your eye, it is possible to make some savings: it goes to 549 euros instead of 589 euros.

Like some iPhones (after the iPhone X), Apple’s affordable tablet retains large visible borders around the screen, as well as the centrally located TouchID home button. It is with the tenth generation of the iPad that the Cupertino company makes a real change on the design side. It takes the look and feel of the iPad Air, but also includes a USB-C port. New functions that make the tablet more attractive, and if you want to buy it right now, you benefit from a discount of 40 euros.

The iPad 10 (2022) in a nutshell

  • An updated design
  • The very pleasant user experience with iPadOS
  • And the longevity offered by the A14 Bionic chip
  • Not to mention the presence of the USB-C port

The iPad 10 Wi-Fi starts at 589 euros in 64 GB, but during the sales it is available at 549 euros on the E.Leclerc site.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available after that, check below to find other promotions for Apple iPad 10 (2022). The table is automatically updated.

Where to buy

Apple iPad 10 (2022) at the best price?

A more modern tablet

Its price increase can slow down more than one, but it is true that the iPad 10 (2022) brings some beneficial news. Starting with its design, which is a pleasure to look at now that the large borders have disappeared, as well as the Home Touch ID button. The tablet is a joy to handle at 477g and its new flat aluminum edges, reminiscent of the iPhone. Of course, the manufacturing quality is up to par and the grip is very pleasant.

On the screen side, the screen offers a better immersion with edges much less present, but above all equalized. Get out of the huge black borders at the top and bottom, and get out of the dated center button as well. Despite its LCD technology, this 10.9-inch, 1640 × 2360-pixel panel never gives the impression of poor quality. A higher definition would not have been rejected, but the panel is more than enough to read the press, watch videos, surf the Web or play small games.

made to last

One of the strengths of iPads continues to be their performance. And here, iPad 10 does not disappoint with its A14 Bioinic chip that is powerful enough for recreational use like surfing the net, watching videos and running some games. However, if you absolutely need power, go for an iPad Air M1.

We especially appreciate the iPad for its comprehensive user experience with iPadOS. This is the most advanced software interface on the tablet market. It’s packed with apps, widgets, and it’s not lacking in fluidity. The appearance of the USB-C port in particular is good news for the life of your purchase. Finally, the autonomy of the iPad is good. It can last a day and a half in intensive use or a week using it occasionally. The 25W charge allows you to recharge it in more than an hour.

7 /10

Apple iPad 10 2022 Android 2022

Here is our test on the iPad 10 (2022) to have more details on the tablet.

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