Apple would have made a strange decision regarding its new Mac Pro

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In 2023, the news would not be on the Mac side. According to Mark Gurman, Apple would even plan to return to the level of performance granted to its future Mac Pro… and that sounds like bad news.

Apple could finally launch the highest-end model of its future Mac Pro // Source: Alessio Zaccaria – Unsplash

The Apple brand would work well in a new high-powered Mac Pro… just not as powerful as we thought. While the year 2023 will likely be placed under the sign of mixed reality at Apple, with the unveiling of a first headset expected in the coming months, we learned that the firm would have seriously lowered the sails regarding its future Mac. Pro.

According to Mark Gurman, often well-informed when it comes to the Cupertino giant, the brand would have canceled the highest version of its new desktop. As a reminder, the latter had to carry a chip made up of no less than 48 CPU cores and 152 GPU cores.

A vintage 2023 Mac Pro less good than the 2019 model?

Instead, Mark Gurman understands that Apple would settle for a higher-end Mac Pro equipped with an M2 Ultra chip… putting the device in direct competition with the next iteration of the more compact Mac Studio. Aside from the scalability potential specific to the Mac Pro (due to its size and easy access to components), the two products would be very close in terms of performance. Too much perhaps.

like the journalist Bloomberg, many customers would probably prefer the more affordable Mac Studio if Apple “limited” its Mac Pro to an M2 Ultra chip. Especially since Apple would tacitly remove from this new model some of the advantages offered by the current version, under Intel processors.

Answer in a few months

Released in 2019, it allows, for example, to replace the installed RAM in the form of bars. This is probably no longer possible in the new version, as Apple now relies on unified memory. The RAM is then soldered to the motherboard to link it directly to the Apple Silicon chips.

Logically, however, it would still be possible to replace the SSDs, the network card and opt for a dedicated graphics card. It remains to be seen if, short of a surplus of power in its favor, the Mac Pro 2023 will be attractive enough. Response expected within a few months, potentially during WWDC 2023.

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