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Apple is preparing for a strong “replacement demand” for its iPhone 15 Pro. It would be mainly motivated by the integration of a new generation SoC, recorded for the first time in 3 nm: the A17 Bionic.

iPhone 15 Pro render in red color // Source: Source: Ian Zelbo via 9to5Mac

The battle at Apple for the production of the iPhone 15 Pro? As if it weren’t surprising, about six months after the launch, the information emanating from industrial sources suggests that the apple firm would specifically prepare for very high sales of its next high-end smartphone.

According GSMArena In fact, Apple would rely on a strong “ replacement request in favor of its iPhone 15 Pro, mainly motivated by the expected switch to the A17 Bionic SoCs, which are more efficient and above all more energy efficient. If the rumors are to be believed, the chip would thus benefit from 35% higher energy efficiency than the current A16 Bionic of the iPhone 14 Pro.

A17 chip, USB-C, renewed design… the iPhone 15 Pro would have arguments

As a reminder, the latter didn’t make any deep design changes compared to the older A15 Bionic chip (still used by the “classic” iPhone 14s). In other words, the A17 Bionic would be the first real evolution operated for two years on an iPhone processor. A thesis reinforced by the transition to 3 nm, for which Apple would have requisitioned all the initial production from TSMC.

This strategy should allow the iPhone 15 Pro to be the only smartphone in 2023 with a 3nm-engraved processor. We learn that MediaTek has no intention of launching 3nm processors this year due to production costs that are still too high… and that Qualcomm prefers to wait a bit: its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, announced at the end of 2022, is for its part always etched in 4 nm.

Other arguments in favor of the iPhone 15 Pro, the appearance of a USB-C port instead of the current Lightning connector, but also the possible addition of a new periscope camera (for improved zoom) and touch-sensitive side controls. The device would ultimately benefit from a slightly redesigned design, with a possible dark red color as you anticipated. MacRumors.

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