Apple is reportedly working on a giant MacBook Pro with a folding screen by 2025

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According to new information from a well-known analyst, Apple could launch an XXL laptop with a folding screen within two years. However, the trail of a foldable iPad next year seems to be cooling off.

MacBook Pro 14 and 16, pour illustration // Source: Apple

The rumor evoked, there is little, a potential folding iPad for 2024, but Apple would also have a folding MacBook project in its bag. Here’s what we learn today from MacRumors, which echoes information shared on Twitter by Ross Young. Among the best-informed observers when it comes to Apple, the screen analyst explains that he “heard » of a project «20.5 inch folding notebook“. The device, which we imagine in development at Apple, would materialize in 2025.

This clue, quite feverish at the moment, keeps reminding us that Apple had filed a patent application about two years ago that conjured up a dual-screen MacBook without a physical keyboard: pretty much what a foldable MacBook would offer. Which brings (a little) weight to Ross Young’s words.

Not so new rumor…

As MacRumors points out, Ross Young’s tweet echoes previous information shared by the person in question. Already in February 2022, the analyst had mentioned a folding MacBook, this time 20-inch, but still for 2025. A prediction that, therefore, he maintains practically the same a year later. At the time, Ross Young explained that Apple was looking for a supplier for its large-format folding display, adding that the device would be a whole new category of products at Apple.

I’ve heard about a 20.5″ foldable laptop for 2025, but nothing about a foldable iPad for 2024. Maybe this is just good publicity for the hinge company…

—Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) January 31, 2023

Note as an aside that Ross Young completely agrees with Mark Gurman on one point: He hasn’t heard anything about a foldable iPad in 2024 either. However, this rumor is backed up by Ming-Chi Kuo. “I’m still confident in a foldable iPad in 2024 and hope this new model will boost sales and improve product variety.”supported the analyst a few days ago on Twitter.

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