Apple could further increase prices

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After the iPhone 14, Apple would be preparing for a new increase in the price of its iPhone. The reason is the ever-increasing price of technology.

The 13, 26 and 77mm lenses of the iPhone 13 Pro Max
The 13, 26 and 77mm lenses of the iPhone 13 Pro Max // Source: Frandroid – Melinda Davan-Soulas

In 2022, Apple significantly increased the price of its iPhones, pushing all new models above the $1,000 mark. It was for the signing of an adjustment in Europe on the course of the euro.

After the iPhone 14, it is the iPhone 15 that would be entitled to a new price increase. A bill that could become very salty in France.

An international promotion for the Pro

This time, it would not be a price increase limited to Europe, but an increase for the international version of the iPhone. The rumor comes from Weibo where a user claims that Apple will increase its prices with the iPhone 15 Pro.

This is a particularly credible rumor. In fact, with the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple should offer a new Apple A17 Bionic chip using TSMC’s new 3nm process. Apple would have reserved a good part of the production for the chips of its iPhone and Mac.

However, the move to 3nm would be expensive. TSMC has gradually increased its prices over the years. The price of the 3nm wafer would have exceeded $20,000 versus $16,000 for the same 5nm wafer.

We can imagine that the other changes expected for the iPhone 15 such as the titanium chassis or the arrival of the periscope could also increase the design cost of the device. So many costs that Apple should pass on to the consumer without affecting its margins.

We will have to wait until the end of the year and the presentation of the new iPhone to discover the price list in Europe. In the meantime, it’s worth preparing for a price hike, even if that means being positively surprised if consumers run away.

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