Anker would like to bring back certain external batteries that can power up

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A fire in the United States called into question the safety of Anker 535 external batteries. As a precaution, the Chinese manufacturer chooses to withdraw them.

Some Anker 535 external batteries are suspected of causing fires // Source: Anker

Utility company Anker recalls some of its external batteries Anker 535 Power Bank (PowerCore 20K), after the discovery of a manufacturing defect that pushes the batteries in question to overheat… with the risk of starting a fire. According to Anker, only a small number of Anker 535 batteries would be affected by this fault. Therefore, the manufacturer recalls only the models ” A1366».

As The Verge points out, this model is “the most likely causeof a fire in a house in Maryland (on the east coast of the United States). In this specific case, the fire would have occurred near a suitcase in which a battery was found.Anker 535 Power Bank,now subject to withdrawal. No other electronic devices were found in this suitcase or any other accessories that could have caused a fire outbreak, authorities said.

How do you know if your battery is affected?

if you have batteryAnker 535 Power Bank, verification is required. To find out if your battery is affected by Anker’s recall procedure, simply return it to see the information on the back. There you will see the model number. If your model has part number A1366, you will need to contact the manufacturer.

The model number is written on the back of the battery // Source: Anker

For affected users, it is recommended that they stop using their battery immediately and store it in a safe place until they can be dropped off at a recycling center that accepts lithium batteries. For the rest, Anker has put an online form to request a refund. However, it will be necessary to deposit a proof of purchase and complete some information about the equipment in question.

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