Android 15 is already making waves with its catchy codename

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The developers discovered one of the first Android 15 codenames in the source code of the operating system. A version, whose arrival is scheduled for next year, which should be called “Vanilla Ice Cream”. If the release of this name comes a bit earlier than usual, it still stands to reason.

A Bugdroid // Source: jshmllr on Flickr

Each version of Android has a code name that refers to a sweet or dessert. For Android 13 it was “Tiramisu” and Android 14 has the right to “Upside DownCake(pointing to an upside-down pineapple cake). This time, she has to appear to Android 15, with the code name “Vanilla ice cream“, either “vanilla ice cream” in French.

Android 15, nominal code: “Vanilla ice cream»

It is the operating system expert Mishaal Rahman, often very aware of the news that Google brings, who reports this discovery. On his Telegram channel, he indicates that it seems that the internal code name of the future version of the operating system has been revealed. It will be vanilla ice cream for the 2024 vintage. A refreshing but sweet dessert.

Source: Unsplash/Denny Mueller

The developers were able to discover this name through a change in the Android source code, at the level of the Trade Federation (trade federation in French), abbreviated as Tradefed. Is about'”a continuous testing framework designed to run tests on Android devices“, we can read on the Android site.

Codename revealed earlier than usual

Several internet users and developers were shocked by the timing of the codename being revealed. But, for Mishaal Rahman, it is not so early. He recalls that the internal codename of Android 14 was made public in April 2022. He also adds that “there will always be some feature ideas/concepts that Google wants to implement, but there won’t be enough time to add them to the current version, so they are already planning the next one or they will drop them.»

Android 14 // Source: Frandroid

At the moment, we do not know any of the news that will mark the transition to Android 15. First we will have to wait for the beta launch, then for the final version of Android 14, which has not yet finished revealing its secrets.

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