Android 14 would like to copy Apple (less well) by removing its webcam

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Android 14 would plan to be able to transform your smartphone into a webcam by connecting it via USB to a PC. A solution that could compete a bit with Apple, but with a train or two behind.

The photographic module of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
The photographic module of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra // Source: Frandroid

If you’ve used a webcam built into your PC in recent years (surely the pandemic has forced you to do so at some point), you’ve surely noticed that the quality is rarely there. Many then turn to external webcams for which this is the main function.

In smartphones, on the contrary, the quality of the cameras has only increased, even becoming the main argument of the top of the range such as the 200-megapixel sensor of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Why not take advantage of the strengths of these two devices to have a quality webcam on your PC using the sensors of your phone?

If it’s been possible for some time to use dedicated software for this, Google would consider integrating a native solution to Android, starting with the next version of the operating system, Android 14.

A somewhat restrictive solution

The information comes to us from the highly reliable Misaal Rahman on his Twitter account. Unfortunately, the solution preferred by Google would go through a USB connection. So a nice novelty, but one that would therefore require keeping your cable in your pocket at all times.

The timing of this release is of course not innocent. We clearly feel a desire to respond to Apple’s impressive demos that can transform your iPhone into a webcam. The notable difference between the two systems is that Apple allows you to do it wirelessly.

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