An Xbox Series S for 1 euro? It is possible with the fiber of Bouygues Telecom

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Next-gen consoles don’t have to be expensive or hard to find. Bouygues Telecom currently makes it possible to get the Xbox Series S for just 1 euro by subscribing to a fiber offer from the operator.

Digital gaming and cloud gaming have never been better than now. As long as you have fiber and a good speed, you can enjoy a very generous catalog of games, from anywhere, without wasting hours downloading titles that consume a lot of space. What better way to enjoy it than an Xbox Series S with a three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for one euro?

This is what Bouygues Telecom offers with its Bbox Ultym and Bbox Must offers, respectively at 50.99 euros and 41.99 euros per month (two-year commitment). Two offers that allow you to get download speeds ranging from 1 to 2 Gb/s (if your connection allows it).

Fiber, a player’s best friend

High download speed, low latency – a fiber connection is especially relevant for gamers. First, it allows you to quickly download games to your console. On the other hand, it reduces latency to remain competitive during multiplayer sessions. Better yet, fiber is almost mandatory to take full advantage of cloud gaming services like the one built into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Bouygues Telecom, with its two fiber offerings, offers excellent speeds that will meet the needs of both casual and experienced gamers.

The two Bouygues Telecom Fiber offers allow you to get the Xbox Series S for 1 euro. // Source: Bouygues Telecom

The Bbox Must is offered in 41.99 euros per month with a two-year commitment. It allows you to benefit from 1 Gb/s download speed and 700 Mb/s upload speed. In addition, it gives access to a TV package made up of more than 180 channels. It also offers Wi-Fi 6 compatibility.

The Bbox Ultym, on the other hand, goes a little further. Available at the price of 50.99 euros per month with a two-year commitmentallows a download speed of 2 Gb/s and 900 Mb/s in increase. In addition to the TV package, it offers its subscribers a free 6-month subscription to Disney+. It offers an even more efficient WiFi network, with the WiFi 6E standard.

Finally, both offers include a 4G key and 200 GB immediately available in the subscription, so you never suffer a day without Internet access from home.

An Xbox Series S for 1 euro with 3 months of access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Once you’ve signed up for their fiber offer, you’ll receive a promo code to order your Xbox Series S online for €1, which will then be delivered straight to your home with three months of free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (XGPU) subscription. . You will also have access to an exclusive promotional offer that will allow you to obtain a 24-month subscription to XGPU at the preferential rate of 159 euros.

Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Released in 2021 at a price of 299 euros, the Xbox Series S differs from the Xbox Series X, among other things, in the absence of a Blu-Ray player and its maximum definition limited to 1440p at 120 FPS. It is a console above all designed to enjoy dematerialized games, like all those present in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This offers many advantages:

  • free access to a large catalog of games from your console, but also from your PC, mobile phone or tablet through the cloud;
  • access to Xbox Live Gold that allows you to take advantage of multiplayer modes and great exclusive offers;
  • benefits and partner offers exclusive to this subscription.

In short, for 41.99 euros or 50.99 euros per month and an additional symbolic euro, you can afford fiber, one of the latest Microsoft video consoles and privileged access to the best Xbox games of the moment. An exceptional offer that, if it does not announce an end date, is certainly limited in time.

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