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NordVPN now allows users to create a private network between their machines instead of using one of the company’s servers. A decentralized solution that provides several advantages.

Despite its leading position in the VPN market, NordVPN refuses to rest on its laurels and continues to improve its service. His latest innovation? The Mesh network (not to be confused with Mesh systems that improve Wi-Fi coverage).

This new feature allows NordVPN users to turn their devices into VPN repeaters to create private networks with each other. This ensures that they can enjoy the connection speed and security of the NordLynx protocol without using a NordVPN server. A good way to play on a LAN or launch collaborative projects from a network of home machines.

What is the Mesh network?

Simply put, the Mesh network is equivalent to a NordVPN VPN without the NordVPN servers. In normal times, it is essential to go through one of the company’s 5,000 servers to benefit from a VPN. With the Mesh network, any NordVPN user device can become a server.

Specifically, this feature allows you to create a private digital tunnel directly between two or more devices, anywhere in the world. The networks created enjoy the same level of protection as a standard VPN, with all the benefits of the NordLynx protocol. The user thus accesses an encrypted network with optimum connection speed.

Why use the Mesh network?

It is quite possible to set up your own VPN with an internal server and WireGuard. However, this is a delicate operation, requiring a certain level of skill and, above all, a server.

The advantage of NordVPN Mesh is that it makes the process much simpler as all you have to do is install the NordVPN app on your computer to take advantage of it.

Creating your network with NordVPN’s Mesh technology has many benefits. The first is to share files between multiple NordVPN users securely. The level of encryption implemented by the NordLynx protocol allows the exchange of work documents without fear for their integrity or confidentiality. An ideal and economic configuration for small businesses.

The Mesh network is also a good way to access files on a home computer. Just like a LAN, shared files appear in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, as long as you’ve enabled file sharing and given the necessary permissions. A handy feature when you’re on the go. While reminiscent of what a cloud storage service offers, NordVPN’s Mesh Network excels by providing a truly personal encrypted storage space.

Gamers can also take advantage of NordVPN’s Mesh network. Thanks to the creation of a decentralized private network, LAN gaming sessions are more secure. Players can then play LAN-compatible titles online, even remotely. All without fear of an external attack on your network during the game.

Finally, the Mesh network can simply route your traffic over the Internet by passing it through one of your home devices. As in a classic VPN server, it is possible to modify your IP address, manage flow routing or access blocked content on the Internet. During holidays abroad, it is possible to circulate the Internet connection of your smartphone through a computer that stayed in France to take advantage of geolocation.

How to take advantage of the Mesh network?

Setting up a mesh network couldn’t be simpler. To get started, you need to install the NordVPN app on a computer, as well as the devices that will be connected. Once the app is launched, activation of the Mesh network is required.

This is where you need to associate the desired machines by activating the Mesh network on each of them or by sending invites to other NordVPN users. The network is already active. To connect to a device, simply enter its Nord Security ID or IP address.

A user can connect 10 of their own devices to a Mesh network, as well as 50 external devices by invitation. Mesh is available on Windows, as well as Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. Network routing is currently only available on Windows and Linux.

Mesh network functionality is available in all NordVPN subscriptions, whether they last for one month or two years. In addition, on the occasion of the anniversary of NordVPN, all the formulas benefit from a good discount. The 2-year subscription thus goes to 3.49 euros per month instead of 8.29 euros thanks to a 57% discount. A promotion for the first two years that is only valid until March 21. A good way to test the Mesh network and guarantee the security of your data without breaking the bank.

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