an ultralight drone, but one that won’t fly for long

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The Chinese DJI draws a new consumer drone: the Mini 2 SE. As its name suggests, the machine seeks compactness and lightness with a weight of less than 250 grams… even if that means making (predictable) concessions in flight time.

Here is the new DJI Mini 2 SE, a compact drone… with reduced autonomy // Source: DJI

Ease of use, reliability, compactness and low price. These are obviously the challenges for DJI with their Mini SE 2. This new drone”ultraportableAble to fit in the palm of the hand when folded, it is primarily aimed at first-time users who are looking for an affordable product for practicing.

Expected in France on March 22, the DJI Mini SE 2 will indeed arrive from 389 euros in our latitudes (although count 529 euros for the “Fly More” package, which includes spare batteries).

Quite an attractive pricing for a product that could, however, suffer due to its limited autonomy. Compactness and lightness obliges (less than 249 grams according to DJI), the device is limited to a maximum flight time of 31 minutes. Prove, if necessary, that you can’t have it all.

The photo/video quality of a smartphone… but from the air?

Regarding the on-board equipment, DJI mentions a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor capable of filming in 2.7K definition and taking photos at 12 Mpx, all with a maximum of 10 km of HD video transmission (with system anti-interference). The QuickShots and Panorama functions are also relevant to vary the shots a bit.

The manufacturer also mentions several smart features to improve the flight experience in as many different scenarios as possible, but it also helps takeoff/landing and a “return to the starting pointin case you have lost sight of your drone.

On the stabilization side, DJI speaks for the rest of a three-axis gimbal that’s supposed to deliver the smoothest image possible, with no jerking despite the wind. At this point, DJI finally explains that its Mini SE 2 is capable of delivering a stable experience despite 10.7m/s gusts.

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