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Xiaomi has a wide range of high-tech products and sometimes we come across amazing devices sold by the Chinese brand. This time it’s the Mi LCD Writing Tablet, a sophisticated yet affordable writing tablet. The manufacturer is currently promoting it, going from 29.99 euros to 15.99 euros.

A writing tablet can be used for various things like taking notes during a meeting, drawing for kids and adults, or even replacing your sticky notes near the fridge so the whole family can put little notes on it. Xiaomi only has one in its catalogue, the Mi LCD Writing Tablet, and it’s currently on sale for half price this weekend.

What to expect from the Mi LCD writing tablet?

  • A smooth 13.5-inch LCD screen
  • An ultra-sensitive magnetic pen
  • Economical, light and very fine

Instead of the usual 29.99 euros, the My LCD Writing Tablet is now available for sale for 15.99 euros on the brand’s official website.

A thin, light and portable model.

The Mi LCD writing tablet is a digital whiteboard less than one centimeter thick. With dimensions of 31.8 x 22.5 x 0.7 cm, the writing tablet is easy to transport. In addition, its weight of 345 grams is so well distributed that even a child will have no problem carrying it. The version currently on sale is in white, which embellishes the screen. For a better grip, the frame is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), for a flexible and robust result.

The work on ergonomics does not stop there. You can freeze your notes and drawings on the screen of this digital whiteboard with the lock button on the top left of the device. The battery compartment is equipped with a safety latch for a secure fit. Most importantly, the battery life is around 37,000 clicks.

A pencil that works wonders

It is with its 7 gram magnetic stylus that the magic happens on the Mi LCD writing tablet. It must be said that Xiaomi has designed it to last. That’s why it’s stainless steel. As for its tip, with a smooth effect, the Chinese brand has opted for thermoplastic crystalline polymer. For both young and old, the writing is fluid and natural. You can stick it to the edge of the writing pad thanks to its four magnets.

Where the stylus shows its performance is at the pressure level. In fact, the digital whiteboard is equipped with particularly precise pressure sensors. Thus, the thickness of the writing depends on the pressure you exert on the stylus. This offers more possibilities for the most creative. Finally, on this model, you are entitled to blue-green writing. There is also a custom LCD film.

Alternatives to the Mi LCD writing tablet?

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