an electric car for less than 20,000 euros to sow the Dacia Primavera

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During the presentation of the Volkswagen ID. 2all, an electric car for less than 25,000 euros, the German manufacturer took the opportunity to confirm the arrival of an even cheaper model. Its price: less than 20,000 euros. It could be the hypothetical Volkswagen ID.1.

VW ID.  2all
VW ID. 2all

The Volkswagen ID.1 and ID.2 are eagerly awaited. It is partly thanks to them that electric cars will become truly affordable and efficient. On the night of Wednesday March 15, Volkswagen lifted the veil on the Selfconcept ID.2 all of which heralds production Volkswagen ID.2.

Its technical sheet is clearly reminiscent of a high-end electric car: ultra-fast charging in 20 minutes, autonomy of 450 km, double interior screen, 226 CV, etc. However, its sale price, when it will be marketed in 2025, is announced to be below 25,000 euros.

Volkswagen e-UP - 1.
Volkswagen eUP

On paper, the future Volkswagen ID.2 should replace the Polo and the Golf, with a length of 4 meters similar to the first, but habitability and a trunk that have nothing to envy the second. And the Volkswagen e-UP in all this? And rightly so, Volkswagen has also talked about the electric car that could replace it.

A Volkswagen ID.1 for less than 20,000 euros

This is surely the Volkswagen ID.1 that everyone is talking about, except the manufacturer. Even so, the head of the German group has announced the arrival ofan electric car for less than 20,000 euros in the next years. Something to hurt, very badly even, the Dacia Spring that is sold like hot cakes. And I didn’t count on Dacia to outshine this future ID.1: the electric Sandero is not planned before 2028.

If we read between the lines of the press release, we imagine that this will not arrive before 2026. Date on which a compact electric SUV will also appear (the ID.3 SUV? Or the electric Volkswagen Tiguan?).

Source: Ulrich Rozier for Frandroid

Finally, Volkswagen wants to be calm when announcing that the 10 new electric cars to be launched in 2026 « will allow the manufacturer to offer the widest range of electric cars compared to the competition. The company aims for a market share of 80% in Europe in the electric car, compared to 70% previously expected“. Heavy !

We also learn that the Volkswagen ID. Buzz with an extended wheelbase (and therefore in a 7-seater version and XXL battery) is well planned for 2023. Plus a GTX version as rumors predict.

After a delayed start compared to some competitors, Volkswagen could therefore hit hard with its future electric cars.

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