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A Bluetooth beacon helps you find any object easily. Apple designs its own smart tag and it won’t fail to locate your lost items. At this moment, your set of 4 AirTags benefits from more than 20% discount.

Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WINNER

Apple has made a notable entry into the smart tag market. Introducing its Bluetooth tracking tag, AirTag, the Apple brand brings the strength of its ecosystem and its network of iPhones to help find lost items with great precision. If you’re used to losing your keys or wallet, AirTag will locate your item in no time. And the good news is that the set of 4 costs 30 euros less.

The strengths of AirTags

  • A small GPS tracking tracker
  • Accurate to help you find your objects.
  • And easy to set up

First sold at 119 euros, the set of 4 AirTags is now listed at 129 euros on the brand’s website. But, for now, it is possible to have them for only 99 euros on Amazon, but also on E. Leclerc. Please note that only one Apple AirTag costs 35 euros.

A successful smart tag

In 2021, Apple released its first Bluetooth beacon and delivered a flawless copy. The AirTag is simple, taking the form of a small white plastic disc with a metal back. From the site, it is possible to record an inscription for free.

It is a shame, however, to force the purchase of accessories to be able to use it, to put it with keys, for example. Apple offers them, but more expensive than the AirTag itself. Fortunately, it is always possible to resort to third-party accessories or simply keep it in your bag. It is powered by a small, easily replaceable CR032 coin cell battery and offers a battery life of approximately one year according to Apple.

As effective indoors as outdoors

However, with its small token shape, AirTag is a lot smarter than it looks. This tracker communicates via Bluetooth with an iPhone or iPad. It incorporates the U1 chip that allows long-range detection and Ultra Wideband to locate it with greater precision (within 10 meters). With a speaker, the user will be able to sound the beacon to better find the lost object. You can also ask Siri to tap your tag by saying “Hey Siri, where’s (AirTag name)?” “. The answer is quite fast. As for the range, it is about 100 meters.

There’s even an augmented reality interface to make finding your misplaced item easier. Like a treasure hunt, all you have to do is follow the instructions and the direction to go to start looking for your lost item, through the app. The distance will also be displayed. If your object is not found, once close to it, it may emit a loud sound to make it easier to locate.

Source: Apple

But AirTag’s biggest strength is simply the iPhone and its hundreds of millions of users who can also spot a lost item. When it took several hours or even days to detect a Tile, an AirTag will be detected almost instantly and with much higher accuracy. Even if you are out of range of your object, every time an iPhone passes by, it is detected and sends the information to your own smartphone. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need at least an iPhone 11 with a U1 chip to get the most out of it.

To learn more about the product, feel free to read our full test on Apple AirTags.

Besides AirTags, there are other Bluetooth trackers on the market to help you have nothing to lose. We invite you to read our guide dedicated to smart labels to make your choice.

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