Amazon puts this connected doorbell on sale that records in 2K at a very good price

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Connected doorbells allow you to interact in real time with the people who ring your doorbell and also act as a security camera. If you are interested, the Eufy Security that rolls in 2K drops to 119.99 euros compared to 169.99 euros.

Offered by the Anker brand, the Eufy Connected Doorbell offers the ability to see who is ringing the doorbell and then interact with your visitor. It is capable of filming both day and night, all with good image quality to better discern the individual at the foot of your landing. It has serious advantages, and is even negotiated with a 50-euro discount thanks to a discount coupon.

The strengths of this Eufy doorbell

  • A wireless doorbell with 2K definition
  • Detect motion with a 4:3 field of view
  • No monthly fees

Shown at a price of 169.99 euros, the Eufy 2K connected doorbell benefits from a discount coupon of 50 euros and finally returns to 119.99 euros on the Amazon site.

Don’t forget to bookmark the discount coupon to get the Eufy 2K doorbell at 119.99 euros // Source:

Discreet and easy to install.

At first glance, Anker’s company seems to have been inspired by Amazon’s Ring doorbells. It takes up the small black rectangular format that integrates perfectly into the decoration, with a luminous circle that lights up when it detects movement. Compact and discreet, this small doorbell is able to withstand bad weather, especially splashing water and dust thanks to the IP65 certification. And its battery allows it to work for six months depending on the brand. Please note that this figure may vary depending on your usage.

As for the installation, it is easily done in a few minutes, you will not need to connect it to a cable, since it is wireless. All you need to do is attach the mount and attach the doorbell. However, it works hand in hand with HomeBase. This station must be connected to the router via an Ethernet cable and will take place inside your home.

Well detailed images

The part of the characteristics has not been neglected in this doorbell, since it is capable of filming in 2K combined with a WDR, in order to ensure a detailed image. In order to show as many things as possible, this doorbell has the particularity of using a 4:3 ratio to also see the ground in front of your door to better distinguish the person who rings the doorbell or, for example, to see a dropped package . And if the Eufy Doorbell detects motion, it can distinguish between people, pets and objects to avoid “unnecessary” notifications on your smartphone.

With the dedicated application, you will be able to observe what is happening in front of your home, interact with your visitors through the speaker and the two-way microphone of the video intercom. It is also possible to customize the motion detection settings, excluding pedestrian areas or busy streets to reduce the number of false alerts, for example. Its real strength is that it doesn’t require a cloud subscription unlike many competitors. Therefore, you will be able to take advantage of all the features that the brand offers without paying an additional cost. You can also find the WiFi doorbell that stores the videos. Finally, it is compatible with the Amazon assistant and can be connected to the giant’s devices.

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