Amazon divides by 3 the price of this kit that contains 2 Arlo Pro 3 cameras

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To monitor your home when you’re on the go, betting on Arlo is a good option. The Pro 3 is a complete solution now offered in a 2-pack at less than €190 vs. €600.

Arlo Pro 3 // Source: Amazon

Surveillance cameras are practical, reassuring and above all dissuasive. Being connected, they allow you to consult, even away from home, the environment of your home. Perfect to go on vacation with more serenity. Thus it is possible to see live what is happening at home, or even activate an alarm or other to scare away a possible intruder. The Arlo Pro 3 meets all of these criteria and manages to deliver a highly detailed rendering. If you’re interested, a set of two Arlo Pro 3 cameras is almost 70% off.

Arlo Pro 3 Takeaways

  • an easy-to-install wireless camera;
  • sharp images day and night;
  • a siren and a built-in searchlight.

Instead of €599, the Arlo Pro 3 2-Camera Kit drops to just €189 on Amazon, or €410 savings on your bill.

A well equipped reference

The Arlo Pro 3 is a relatively compact wireless security camera. Its white plastic dress is weather and UV resistant; no certification has been announced. Installation is simple and fast with three possibilities: put the camera on a flat space, screw it to a mount or use another magnetic mount. These cameras are capable of operating for 30 to 60 days, we found around 40 days in our test of the Arlo Pro 3. To get them to work, simply connect the Smart Hub (included in this bundle) to your router and follow the steps in the app. mobile

With its 2K definition, the videos will offer a good level of detail and good color reproduction. The Arlo Pro 3 offers a 160° field of view that will allow you to monitor a large area. Once night falls, the quality is there thanks to a night mode. The camera also incorporates a floodlight that illuminates the area the camera is focused on, which then allows for color filming at night as an individual passes through the field. Here is an example of videos recorded with this camera.

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Ideal for remote monitoring

It is through the application that the camera acquires its full meaning. Send notifications as soon as the camera registers a movement. And if you want to scare off potential thieves, you can activate or program the siren as soon as motion is detected. You can also listen and talk through the built-in speakers and microphone. Of course, it is possible to watch the live video feed from your phone and listen to what is happening at home, wherever you are.

Keep in mind, however, that if you want to take advantage of more accurate motion detection and cloud video storage, you’ll need to purchase a subscription. You will have several options at your disposal, from 3 euros. You may be able to subscribe in light of recent announcements made by the brand about the features. Finally, Alexa and Google Assistant are also supported.

To learn more, we invite you to read our Arlo Pro 3 camera test.

To find the camera that best suits your needs

If you want to compare Arlo’s connected surveillance camera with the rest of the references available on the market, we invite you now to consult our guide to the best connected surveillance cameras in 2023.

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