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It is already possible to discover the future small changes made in Google Chrome on the computer. Hint: there will always be more roundness.

Google Chrome
Source: via Unsplash

Google Chrome will get a bit of an update in the coming months. And good news, it is already possible to take a look at it, he tells us android authority. In fact, these new features are visible in Chrome Canary, an experimental version of the browser, using a specific address.

To enjoy it in preview, just enter chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023 in the URL bar and turn on the Chrome Refresh 2023 option. From there, just restart Chrome Canary to see the slight changes you’ll be entitled to.


The first of them, the most striking, refers to the “Add this tab to favorites” button. When you click on it, a window opens to invite you to name your favorite celebrity. It is also possible to store it in a specific place. In the current version, these options are stored in tabs with rectangular borders.

google chrome canary
Source: Frandroid

A future update, see photo above, will change this shape with a much more rounded overall appearance. Like, in a way, the aesthetic philosophy of the interface. We were able to experiment with it on Canary – the overall rendering blends in well with the rest.

minor changes

The other change is minor: the separation between the tabs and the URL bar should be tightened up very slightly. This is barely noticeable in the example ofandroid authority, which also brings out a bluish tint to the top bar of the window. But it seems to depend on the theme selected.

This is ultimately all there is to it as of this writing. No temporary hint regarding the rollout of these new features has yet leaked.

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