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After a very convincing Seat Mó 125, the Spanish manufacturer offers a sportier version called Seat Mó 125 Performance. but are the improvements made enough to justify a price increase compared to its twin brother that remains in the catalog?

SEAT Mo 125 performance
Source : Seat

Launched in 2021, the Seat Mó 125 has found its audience with 10,000 units sold and marketed in 15 markets, including Chile, Mexico and Colombia, for example. It must be said that beyond the proven quality of this electric scooter, manufacturers continue to abandon the 125 cm3 equivalent segment to focus on the 50 cm3 market. However, the latter quickly show their limits when it comes to venturing beyond city centers.

Seat has understood this well with its Seat Mó 125, which now gives birth to a sportier version called Seat Mó 125 Performance. Let’s say it at once, this is the exact or almost copy of the standard version that remains in the catalog. We are therefore with the same line and the same technical characteristics or almost. We will not give you a description of the machine that we had already tested at the time, to focus on the novelties of this new version.

size details

The first obvious difference is that the Seat Mó 125 Performance is available in two new colors: Tarifa Blue and Barcelona Gray, that is, matt blue and glossy gray. Other less obvious aesthetic details underline the high-end movement, such as the raised lettering that is much more qualitative than the simple sticker on which the scooter’s name appears, an opaque black windshield, black straps on the right side of the lid of the battery, or the beautiful Shad saddle in Alcantara.

For the rest, Seat was directly inspired by the world of motorcycles and it shows. The fork sports a gold finish but retains the same tube diameter. That being said, the front shock has still been tweaked with travel increasing by 10mm.

Another novelty well known to motorcyclists, the rear suspension has been entrusted to the good care of Öhlins, whose characteristic bottle is recognizable. The rear shock is now compression and rebound adjustable. The operation requires no tools and it is possible to make any adjustments you want to the red light, without ever getting off the scooter.

On the other hand, adjusting the spring preload necessarily requires putting your foot down. Do these new suspensions fundamentally change the behavior of the electric scooter? spoiler alert : yes, but we will tell you more a little later.

Latest modification and not least, the braking is now provided by a system designed by the Spanish specialist Galfer. The traditional brake discs are replaced by ventilated petal discs that are once again inspired by the world of motorcycling. No changes to the calipers, and those who expected to see the ABS arrive will again be at their expense (it happens, Seat told us, but as to when…).

The Seat Mó 125 Performance retains its CBS (Combined Brake System) system with hydraulic braking that is automatically distributed between the front and rear wheels. Rest assured, the efficiency is there with excellent grip, but be careful not to lock up the wheel by braking too hard.

An effective but temporary energy boost

The Seat Mó 125 Performance retains the same platform as the standard version. Its Brushless electric motor therefore develops 7.5 kW, and up to 11.5 kW peak, with a torque of 119 Nm. It is powered by the same 5.6 kWh lithium-ion battery that gives it a range of 133 km WLTP.

A value that, however, will depend on various criteria such as the driving mode (there are three, as in the standard Seat Mó 125, Eco, City and Sport), the weight of the driver, the topography of the terrain or the exterior. temperature. . Strong point of the Silence solution and therefore of the Seat Mó 125 scooters, the battery can be recharged on the machine or at home.

In fact, it is detachable and can be removed from the chassis in the blink of an eye. Mounted on wheels and equipped with a telescopic handle, it can be transported as easily as a suitcase. At least if you can take the elevator, because if necessary, you will feel the 41 kg of the package go by. By the way, this removable battery is also an excellent lock, since the scooter cannot be used without it.

The Seat Mó 125 Performance continues to have its own characteristic with its eBoost mode. This allows you to take advantage of a temporary surplus of power to facilitate overtaking on the motorway, for example. To activate it, the scooter must travel at more than 80 km/h and be in Sport mode.

Then just press the Mode button once to enjoy a maximum speed of up to 115 km/h on the counter in our case on the flat, and 107 km/h uphill. A good performance for the electric scooter that is therefore among the most efficient (that’s good, that’s what it’s called) if we make the exception of the BMW CE-04 which is much more cumbersome and expensive.

Be careful though, the eBoost is only available for 30 seconds. This means anticipating maneuvers well so you don’t end up slowing down at the wrong time. It is true that we would have liked to have the V Max permanently, but electric scooters still face limitations that thermal models ignore. Also note that you must wait two minutes before you can reactivate eBoost.

the same only better

As light as the standard version, the Seat Mó 125 Performance is a real delight. It moves quietly through traffic and is extremely lively. In Sport mode, the accelerations are even more frank with a 0 to 50 km/h announced in 2.9 seconds compared to 3.9 seconds for the Seat Mó 125.

Eco mode helps conserve battery and benefit from maximum range, but driving is much smarter. City mode is perfectly suited to urban travel by offering a good balance between performance and efficiency. Interestingly, he is the only one who does not benefit from the energy recovery.

This didn’t strike us as particularly strong in either Eco or Sport mode. The latter is preferred to catapult the Seat Mó 125 Performance at a red light, or to drive serenely on the highway. And even more so when the scooter shows excellent stability at high speed.

Photos IPP SEAT MÓ 125 Performance_135
Source : Seat

Which brings us to suspension. Our test took place on the streets of Barcelona, ​​with a trip to the heights of the city. The road that leads to Tibidabo is the perfect playground to test the dynamic behavior of a scooter that wants to be sporty. To do this, a quick adjustment of the Öhlins suspension allows you to reaffirm the damping and avoid rebounds.

Already restricted to 90 km/h in City mode, the Seat Mó 125 Performance runs out of bellows after 50 km/h on the positive level of our journey. However, simply switching to Sport mode via the steering wheel button is enough to overcome these limitations. Sure, battery life takes a hit, but there’s plenty of fun to be had riding this awesome electric scooter.

We also take advantage of the difficulty of this route to pick up a passenger. And there again, the Seat Mó 125 Performance does not resist working. Back in the city center, this time we opted for a softer setting. The difference in comfort with the standard version is immediately felt on the degraded surfaces.

Expensive novelties

The improvements introduced in the Seat Mó 125 Performance are far from being anecdotal, but the manufacturer is charging a high price for this new version. While the standard Seat Mó 125 is now shown from 7,200 euros, an extension of 1,700 euros will be needed to be able to afford the Seat Mó 125 Performance, which is marketed from 8,900 euros.

Small consolation, the electric scooter is also entitled to the ecological bonus of 900 euros. As with the Seat Mó 125, Seat nevertheless offers a long-term rental offer with monthly installments of 146 euros (113 euros/month for the standard version).

One of the best offers on the market.

The Seat Mó 125 had already conquered us, and the Performance version is no exception. If some slight flaws remain (lack of ABS, too small speedometer), it is clearly one of the best propositions in terms of a 125cm3 equivalent electric scooter. A segment in which the few competitors cannot trust a brand as well-known and reassuring as Seat. More comfortable and a little sportier than the standard version, the Seat Mó 125 Performance charges a high price for its services, however.

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