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Android 13 could take another step forward in seamless home screen consistency for users. The latest beta of the operating system tests the generation of application icons in the Material You style.

L'Interface Material You
L’interface Material You // Source : Google

With Android 13, Material You has improved since now the icons of third-party applications -and not only those of Google- can also adapt to the colors of the wallpaper. However, at this time it is necessary for the app developers to make the icons compatible with Material You for this to work. Faced with very little commitment, Google took the lead.

A feature that developers don’t use enough

This icon color change is available in the Pixel Launcher, but also in the other overlays that integrate it. On the other hand, few developers have made their applications compatible. Ironically, not all Google apps are supported.

Consequence: Users’ home screens, especially Pixel ones, may use Material You, but not all apps are in the same color tones. For the more psycho-rigid among you, this can even represent a daily trauma.

Google goes further with Material You

In the Android 13 QPR2 beta, we learned that Material You can automatically generate proper app icons. However, this novelty is only available on the Pixel Experience and therefore only on Google smartphones.

All apps are now in the same color tones // Source: 9to5Google

This is an option to enable that will force all app icons to become monochrome. like the analysis 9to5Google«Pixel Launcher identifies background and foreground elements and snaps each of them as it sees fit.“. In the screenshot taken by the medium, we see that the application “Art and cultureit does not have the same color design, which shows that there is still room for improvement.

We can imagine that in the future, users will be able to decide whether or not to force app icons to adapt via Material You. Enough to satisfy Android fans who want a perfect home screen.

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