AI makes a mistake and causes Google to lose 100,000 million dollars in the stock market

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Google is having a bad week. The presentation of its Google Bard conversational AI contained an error and the signature did not convince the exchange with its conference.

Source: Frankroid/Midjourney

Google has probably never been challenged so quickly in its history. A few weeks after the small success of ChatGPT, Microsoft held a major conference in Redmond to publicize the integration of AI to Bing directly to offer a much more relevant service than just a search engine.

The giant’s response was swift as Google unveiled its own conversational AI Bard on Monday, before discussing it again at a dedicated AI conference in Paris that Frandroid was able to attend.

Bard makes a mistake

Google Bard is currently not publicly available, so you should rely on the examples provided by Google to get an idea of ​​how the system works. Problem: The first example provided by Google contains a factual error.

The question ” What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9-year-old? “replies Google Bard by moving the telescope” took the first images of a planet outside our own solar system ».

This is false information since the first photograph of a planet outside our solar system dates from 2004, as confirmed by the NASA site.

Google Bard’s first ad contains an error

The effect on the price of the shares of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, was not long in coming.

Google loses $100 billion in value

The group’s share price fell 9% in the space of a single day. Whether it was Bard’s presentation, his first mistake or the conference held in Paris, Google does not seem to have convinced the stock market this week.

This error occurs when Google insists on explaining that the company wants to be very careful with the accuracy and consistency of its AI. A very important level of precaution when proposing a system that must respond to billions of users. Also a way of suggesting that Microsoft’s dizzying progress in integrating AI could be done with less caution. An argument that falls apart when Google publicly makes a factual error.

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