After its first mistake, the Google Bard should move away from the search results

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After a failed demo in early February, Google seems to want to change its business strategy for its artificial intelligence Bard, which is supposed to compete with ChatGPT. A choice mentioned during a stormy question-and-answer session with company employees on Thursday, March 2.

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Artificial intelligence Google Bard could move away from the AI-enhanced search engine market amid internal criticism. // Source: Unsplash Solen Feyissa

The tech giant seems to have traded its strategy for its artificial intelligence. Lors d’une reunion informelle organized avec des employés jeudi 2 mars, plusieurs dirigentes de Google ont assuré que Bard, l’IA conversacionnelle developpée como un concurrent directe de ChatGPT d’OpenAI, ne será pas uniquement dedicado à ameliorer les résultats de son moteur research.

This question and answer session, told by the American channel CNBC who had access to audio recordings of the event, comes a month after several employees criticized Google Bard’s announcement in early February. One of Bard’s autoresponder examples contained a factual error, causing its parent company, Alphabet, to lose $100 billion in stock value.

“Bard is not research”

It was the head of the Bard development team himself who mentioned this change in strategy. During the meeting, Jack Krawczyk answered a question about the priority Bard is given to generate search results on Google while these tools ” they are not good at making sure their text is based on true facts».

«I want to make it very clear: Bard is not research.“, the head of the development team immediately responded. For Jack Krawczyk, Google’s AI must eventually become a “creative partnerintended to provoke ideas. An astonishing statement, while the company mentioned in a blog post in early February wanting to “start with researchto integrate their new AI into their products, recalls CNBC.

Above all, it seems that Google no longer wants to compete directly with the ChatGPT-derived chatbot integrated into the search results of Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

A new tab dedicated to different answers.

However, Jack Krawczyk clarified that Google will not try to prevent its users from using Bard to search for information. The team leader even announced a new Bard feature called internally “Search itwith more relevant results.

However, this tool could also be a first step towards a service that uses Bard for more than just search results. always according toCNBCJack Krawczyk referred to a token “See other draftswhich should show users responses away from the search engine format.

Users will need to update Bard

Also present at this meeting, Google CEO Sundar Pichai also tried to dispel the doubts of his employees. In addition to endorsing Bard’s boss, he responded to another employee who characterized the IA presentation in early February as “a knee-jerk reaction without strategy».

Sundar Pichai laughed before contacting and acknowledged that the company’s services must remain “overwhelming“, but that it will be the contribution of the users that will improve the answers of Google Bard. However, more will be needed to really reassure its shareholders and employees.

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