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Tesla electric car drivers are in big trouble right now: A major outage seems to be hitting the vast majority of servers around the world. The consequence is simple, but unfortunate: it is impossible to access the car remotely and the application. The cause: a 503 error in the Tesla app.

Do you have a Tesla and can’t access your car remotely via the smartphone app? This is completely normal, as Tesla’s servers are experiencing a major outage at the moment. Many users seem to be affected, and it’s hard to say at this point if any were spared from this outage.

In detail, the Tesla app on Android or iOS shows a 503 error ” current maintenance when trying to connect to the car remotely. This means that it is impossible to access the camera (Sentinel mode), preheat the car, check that dog mode is activated, for example, or even manage charging remotely.

But rest assured, it’s still possible to use the app’s Bluetooth features, like unlocking the car while you’re nearby, or even using your smartphone as a key to start the engine and drive.

We’ve just reached out to Tesla for more information and we’ll be sure to update this article when we know more or when the glitch is resolved. According to the site fall detectorthe blackout began on the morning of Tuesday, February 14.

if we are to believe Teslascope on Twitter, the outage was resolved in the early afternoon before the servers were relocated. However, it seems that some users are not affected.

⚠️ For twenty minutes, Tesla’s infrastructure has been experiencing unexpected downtime. This is affecting the official Tesla mobile app and all third party services like Teslascope.

thanks to @kemmey of @ClockByTesla for initially bringing this to our attention!

— Teslascope (@teslascope) February 14, 2023

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