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The German brand Cherry enters the microphone market with a first stamped model UM 6.0 Advanced that we invite you to discover in this complete test.

Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

It is no longer necessary to introduce Cherry, the German brand that provides the vast majority of mechanical keyboard switches. gaming. The brand has also been building its own peripherals for many years and is now moving into the microphone segment.

The Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced microphone positions itself as an entry-level USB model that doesn’t require a dedicated driver and gets down to the essentials. It benefits from 24-bit/96kHz sampling, just like the MSI GV60 that has already passed our hands.

It comes factory installed in a shock mount and logically it can be installed on a more efficient microphone arm than the discreet tripod on which it sits at the factory. Offered at the recommended price of 110 euros, the UM 6.0 Advanced faces already consolidated competition and logically it will have to have weighty arguments to convince us.

Convincing industrial design

Visually, the Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced takes the shape of a cylinder and sports a well-felt industrial design. The pickup device is housed behind a black metal grill that covers the entire top of the microphone. The rest of the body of the device is adorned with a rather chic anthracite metal and houses the logo of the brand in its center.

Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The different remaining elements are made of plastic, starting with the top cover. The latter incorporates, like some competitors, a touch zone that allows you to cut the catch with a simple touch. LEDs are also present to indicate whether the capture is engaged in cardioid or omnidirectional mode. The latter, illuminated by default, white, turn red when the microphone is muted.

On the front, there is a gain control wheel. This proves to be of poor quality and there are some concerns about its lifespan. It can also be clicked to fine tune the capture mode. Therefore, only two options are offered here: cardioid or omnidirectional. The connection is relegated to the base of the microphone and logically it consists of a USB-C port, accompanied by a monitoring jack port, the volume of which can be regulated using a second wheel located at the rear.

Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The shock mount installed on the microphone adds a touch of color with its red rubber band. Its presence is quite welcome and it integrates perfectly with the microphone. The latter is also mounted on a very well integrated joint that allows the microphone to be directed upwards to optimize its placement.

Finally, the set rests on a metal tripod that provides it with very good stability. All of this gives the microphone a nice look that will easily fit on any desktop. If the different metal parts that make up the microphone exude quality, the plastic ones would have deserved a little more careful assembly.

Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The supplied braided USB cable would have benefited from being a bit longer, but also a bit more qualitative. If its thinness allows appreciable flexibility, we have some reservations about its durability over time.

Finally, the Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced can be installed on any microphone arm thanks to its two standard screw threads. One is installed at the base of the shock mount and the second at the base of the microphone. It will therefore be possible to install it with or without the latter.

a very good catch

To judge the overall performance of UM 6.0, we first used it with the stand provided in the box. Installed on our desk, the shock mount manages to attenuate various vibrations and other impacts well. On this point, it does better than some competitors like HyperX.

Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The rest of our tests were carried out with the microphone installed on the MA 3.0 Uni arm provided by the brand. The latter resembles the very famous Blue Compass and allows easier use of the microphone while having a very well integrated cable passage. It is offered at the recommended price of 80 euros.

In classical use, the 6.0 UM is not very sensitive to hiss and plosives. However, the built-in grill and filter cannot work miracles and the microphone must be equipped with a real filter to attenuate them as much as possible. The brand also offers one for about twenty euros.

Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

The sound recording is very convincing and allows a very clear recording of the voice. However, the rendering is slightly less pleasing to the ear than the Bumblebee II with a slightly tinier and less “smooth” sound. However, the set is still very convincing, although we regret a certain lack of warmth in the voice.

The overall sensitivity of the microphone is also medium and, therefore, logically the keystrokes of a mechanical keyboard located about a foot away will be picked up. However, its sound level remains relatively contained and won’t unduly interfere with recordings or streaming.

As always, we let you judge the sound performance of the microphone with some sound clips captured with it.

🎙️ Basic recording, 75% gain, normalized to 0 dB

🎙️ Basic recording with keystrokes, 75% gain, normalized to 0 dB

Price and availability

The Cherry UM 6.0 Advanced microphone is available at the recommended price of 110 euros.

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