a tablet with a great photographic module… but for what?

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A few days after the launch of its first tablet, OnePlus has revealed a first image of the OnePlus Pad. What to see a great camera on the back.

The OnePlus logo
The OnePlus logo // Source: OnePlus

In just over a week, OnePlus is finally planning to launch its new range of smartphones worldwide. On February 7, the Chinese manufacturer will host a conference to launch the OnePlus 11 outside of China, but also to present other devices that accompany the smartphone. We already knew that this would be the case with the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 or the new OnePlus Keyboard. Now, the manufacturer offers new information about its first tablet, the OnePlus Pad.

After more than a year of rumors, OnePlus finally seems to be on track to launch its first tablet on February 7th. The manufacturer has also provided some images of the tablet on its website. On the February 7 event page, an insert clearly cites the ” OnePlus Pad “calling him”matchless fluid».

The OnePlus Pad
The OnePlus Pad // Source: OnePlus

The image also reveals the back of the tablet with its rear photosensor, the one that should be used to take pictures. The photo module just seems centered on the back of the tablet and sticks out slightly. A choice that could be inconvenient when using the OnePlus Pad flat on a desk. Of course, we can also make out the manufacturer’s logo, as well as a fir green color reminiscent of the colors expected for the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Buds Pro 2.

At the moment, the images shared by OnePlus are limited to the back of the Pad and do not allow you to discover its front face, the borders around the screen, its display ratio or its features.

3D renderings let you discover more

In partnership with the French leaker OnLeaks, the sitemy smart pricehowever, he did share several 3D renders of the tablet. What to allow to discover more about its dimensions and its appearance. According to this information, the OnePlus Pad would have an 11.6-inch screen with thin borders on all sides in which the selfie camera for video calls would be integrated. With these representations, we also realize the space that seems to be occupied, at the back, by the large photographic module. However, if we are used to these large blocks on the back of smartphones, it is not so much on tablets. This could be a sign that OnePlus is trying to emphasize the use of photos on tablets, or has even equipped its OnePlus Pad with a large photosensor on the back.

Also, the OnePlus Pad would have volume buttons on the right side and a slot on the left that could be meant to accommodate a stylus.

We will know more about the first OnePlus tablet at the event on February 7. If it seems certain that the device will launch in India, it is not yet known if, like the OnePlus 11, it will be marketed in France.

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