a super fast 2TB external SSD for an exorbitant price

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The good reflex is to keep your most precious documents away from prying eyes. Among the solutions that you have at your disposal, is the 2 TB Crucial X6, this external SSD has several tricks to please you, starting with its price that drops considerably for sales on Amazon, from 159.99 euros to just 111.24 €.

Crucial storage solutions enjoy an excellent reputation, both internally and externally. The X6 reference is one of the best known for easily transporting your data, and above all transferring it quickly. As of today, the model with 2 TB of storage is already on sale, with almost 50 euros discount on its usual price.

What to expect from the Crucial X6 2TB?

  • 800MB/s peak throughput
  • Light, compact and ultra-portable
  • Multi-support

Instead of the usual €159.99, the 2TB Crucial X6 is now available on sale at €111.24 on Amazon.

No bigger than a keychain.

What is striking about the Crucial X6 2TB is its shape. We start with dimensions of 6.9 x 1.1 x 6.4cm, it holds easily in the palm of your hand, it slips just as well in your pocket. The weight of this external SSD is also contained, no more than 40 grams. If you feel like it, you can absolutely hang it on your keychain. That being said, hidden under this mini format is a small beast of power.

Compared to conventional hard drives, this model is 5.6 times faster. More precisely, this SSD has a maximum read speed of 800 MB / s. The same goes for data transfer that can be done via the USB-C port. There is also a USB 3.2 port. It’s still quite a feat to have these modern connectors on such a small external hard drive.

Compatible on multiple platforms

Whether you’re using a PC or Android device, whether you’re a Mac or iPad Pro user, or even a console gamer, all of these media are supported by the Crucial X6 1TB. You can store your most precious photos and videos. , backups, favorite applications, games or even your personal and professional documents for a total volume of 2,000 GB.

Its design also makes it more resistant to shocks and even high temperatures. According to the manufacturer, a drop from a height of two meters onto the carpet will not overcome the resistance of this external SSD. It also resists very well to high temperatures. Therefore, your files are more secure.

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