A Sony Walkman, Tesla galore on the roads, and the Galaxy S23 with a fine-tooth comb

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This is another rich piece of news that has marked the entire week in the world of new technologies. Between a Sony Walkman, auspicious Tesla cars and the mess of leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S23, a short summary was badly needed to have clear ideas.

The colors of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra // Source: Evan Blass

Full nostalgia: Sony launches a Walkman in 2023

Fast forward to… the past. Sony launches a Walkman when we really would not have bet on such a product in 2023. The NW-306, as it is called, is not a lambda Walkman, far from it. Its objective is clear: to allow you to listen to your favorite music in very high quality, even being able to play DSD files. This taste for nostalgia is also in vogue as we can also mention the recent We Are Rewind cassette player.

Model 3, Model Y… Tesla will be everywhere in 2023

Prepare to see the auto market flooded with Teslas. In fact, in 2023, the automaker is embracing a new pricing policy that will give the Model 3 and Model Y wings. Buying a non-Tesla car promises to be difficult.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 in all its states

The Samsung Galaxy S23 are fast approaching. And the information about them multiplies at high speed, so the brand has already formalized the future 200-megapixel photographic sensor that will be found in the S23 Ultra. We also already have a good idea of ​​the price increase to be expected in France, while full smartphone technical sheets have appeared on the web.

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