A single brand resists the free fall of smartphones in the world’s largest market

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In China, too, the smartphone market is in serious decline, while the country is experiencing a general slowdown in its economy and coming out of the relentless zero-covid policy.

Vivo X80 Pro, for illustration // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

286 million. This is the total number of smartphones that have been shipped for distribution in the Chinese market in 2021. It illustrates the biggest drop in sales recorded in China in the last decade, it notes. Reuters. As reported by the British press agency, in one year, smartphone sales in China have fallen by 13% to reach the lowest level since 2013, when the Chinese market last went below 300 million units sold.

Analysts have proposed various explanations for this drop. The first, as expected, touches on the zero covid policy maintained by the Chinese authorities practically throughout 2021 (they only ended in December). The global slowdown of the Chinese economy and the climate of uncertainty that it generates among the population also explains the reluctance of Chinese consumers when faced with expenses considered superfluous.

Apple and its iPhones remain well positioned in China

The decline in smartphone sales seen in China comes amid a global slowdown in the smartphone market last year. In 2022, global smartphone shipments reached 1.2 billion: an impressive number on paper, but one that in fact represents the lowest level of sales recorded since 2013, as well as a drop of more than 11% in shipments compared to last year. 2021, according to the analyst firm. IDC.

Throughout 2022, the Chinese slowdown, in any case, has mostly cost Vivo. While it remains No. 1 in the market in China, with a market share of 18.6% in 2022, the manufacturer has seen its smartphone sales drop by 25.1% over the past year, according to IDC.

Number 2 in the Chinese market in 2022, Honor for its part experienced a 34% increase in the sales of its mobiles in China, but starting from a very low level, specifies Reuters, while Apple for its part remained in the third step from the podium. with iPhone sales falling just 4.4% for the year.

Apart from Honor and its rise, Apple is therefore the only one that has been able to limit the breakage, all its competitors in China having suffered a drop in sales in China of at least 10% during the year 2022.

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