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If you want to get your hands on a soundbar that’s both efficient and affordable, and you don’t need additional tech that drives the price up, you might want to go for the Bose Solo Soundbar Series II, which is now priced at €159 instead of €199. in Boulanger.

The Bose Solo Series II soundbar // Source: Baker.

Sound is usually the main weak point of most televisions, including the most expensive ones. Fortunately, sound bars solve this problem and multiply the sound quality of our televisions tenfold. While some models accumulate technologies that allow you to enjoy surround effects and greater immersion, others offer a simpler technical sheet, which also makes it possible to considerably lower the price of the sound bar. This is the case of the Bose Solo Soundbar Series II, whose price currently does not exceed 160 euros.

What you need to know about the Bose Solo Soundbar Series II soundbar

  • A compact model
  • Good acoustic performance, with Dolby decoding
  • bluetooth compatible

Initially shown at €199, the Bose Solo Soundbar Series II soundbar is now being offered at €159 at Boulanger.

A minimalist design and an easy-to-install model

The Bose Solo Soundbar Series II soundbar will fit perfectly into any interior thanks to its minimalist and no-frills design. Of course, we can take advantage of the Bose build quality, which can no longer be tested. This model will also be discreet as it is compact: it measures only 54.8 cm wide, which allows it to be placed very easily under a 50-inch TV, for example. With its height of 8 cm, the sound bar will not invade the image broadcast by the television either. If desired, you can also mount the Solo Soundbar Series II to the wall using the bracket provided for this purpose. You will have no problem using it during this maneuver since it weighs only 1.69 kg.

Sufficient performance

The Bose Solo Soundbar Series II soundbar features two angled speakers to spread sound widely in your room. Acoustic performance will also be guaranteed by Dolby decoding, which promises a richer and more realistic listening experience. A Dialogue mode is also part of it: it will be in charge of making the words pronounced on the screen more intelligible, without the need to adjust the volume of the television. Here, on the other hand, nothing of Dolby Atmos or DTS:X technology, which offers a 3D sound environment to enhance immersion. Bose has chosen here to bet on simplicity and a single task: to offer better sound quality than that offered natively by televisions. Also, the soundbar doesn’t come with a subwoofer, which is often helpful for deeper bass. However, Bose still offers a “Bass” mode, which provides more depth.

Finally, the Bose Solo Soundbar Series II can also be used as a speaker since, thanks to Bluetooth, you can stream the music and podcasts present on your smartphone. On the connector side, we will simply have the right to an optical input. There is no HDMI port, therefore.

If you want to compare the Bose Solo Soundbar Series II with other benchmarks that we recommend, we invite you now to consult our guide to the best soundbars of 2023.

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