a new Nest device is in the works

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A leaked planning document from Google reveals that the company will launch a device that ships with Fuchsia, its operating system that is supposed to run on all products.

Google has been developing Fuchsia for years, its own operating system whose objective is to be able to work on all devices. At the moment, it is only implemented on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, which have therefore abandoned Cast OS. The firm would, however, have another Nest product in the boxes, which would be sold with Fuchsia installed as a base.

What Google has in store for Fuchsia in the coming months

They are our companions 9to5Google who were able to view a Google planning document inadvertently posted by the Fuchsia developers, before it was removed. The medium reveals that “Fuchsia is ready to support JavaScript development, making it easy to manage and control device functionality ».

Second generation Google Nest Hub
Second generation Google Nest Hub // Source: FRANDROID / Anthony WONNER

More specifically, this support would be dedicated to “factories» when testing new devices in production. We learn in the document that “Eventually, Fuchsia will be used as the operating system on devices when they are manufactured in factories.“. It is also written that “The solution must be ready by the first semester of 2023 to be available for the first production of Fuchsia».

New Nest products in development

Signs pointing to new Nest products have been building up for several years. Google could have the ambition to use only Fuchsia for all its products, as Huawei is trying with HarmonyOS. Also, we know that the company is trying to run Android and Linux apps on its operating system.

9to5GoogleRemember that two Google devices under Fuschia would be in development and that it would be two connected speakers. There would be an entry-level model.”maybe the pixel tablet docking stationor a third-generation Nest Mini and a new ultra-wideband-equipped Nest Audio.

The media is betting on the launch of a new Nest speaker in the fall of 2023, probably on the occasion of the next Made by Google conference, or in the spring of 2024. In any case, it is likely that we will hear from Fuchsia again at the next Google I/O, which is expected for next May.

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