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In a period of price increases, Microsoft launches a new, more affordable Microsoft 365 plan for OneDrive and Outlook.

The Office suite is at the center of Microsoft 365 // Source: Microsoft

Microsoft offers with Microsoft 365 a very competitive subscription for its office services.

Until then, the offer to individuals was quite easy to follow since Microsoft offers 1 TB of OneDrive per person and access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications in its packages. The choice of price is made solely based on the number of people interested: one for the individual offer or up to 6 for the family package.

The firm is launching a new level of service in January 2023, less expensive, but integrating less.

Microsoft 365 Basic

This new offering called Microsoft 365 Basic offers just 100GB of OneDrive storage and an ad-free Outlook.com experience. This subscription launches at 2 euros per month, a price well below the 7 euros requested for Microsoft 365 Personal.

As you can see, this new offer no longer includes applications from the Office suite. To use Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you will have to go through the versions available for free on the web.

Microsoft promises to add other features to this new package in the coming months, particularly for the security of user data.

As a standalone service, OneDrive already offered to upgrade storage from 5GB to 100GB for a fee. This new basic package for Microsoft 365 replaces this option.

This offer will be available from January 30, 2023.

No price increase for now

Since the launch of the first Microsoft Office subscriptions nearly 10 years ago, the firm has never changed its price list. However, we are in the middle of a period where brands are increasing their prices and Microsoft has already warned of a future increase on the Xbox side. The firm also recently formalized a price increase for its business cloud services.

On the question of an evolution of the price of Microsoft 365 for the two historical packages, the firm promises the edge which has not foreseen any price increase to date.

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