a new competitor arrives, made in France and “responsible”

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A new French electric microcar arrives, competing with the Citroën Ami. Your name ? Kate K1. It will be the second model of the new French manufacturer of small electric cars Kate, the company that has just bought the manufacturer Nosmoke with its magnificent electric beach car.

If you follow automotive news diligently, you probably haven’t missed a little change around manufacturer Nosmoke. Sure enough, the French manufacturer that produces the Mini Moke has just been taken over by Kate, and her star model changes her name to Kate Original. This is an electric car designed for the beach.

This name change also fuels new ambitions. In fact, Kate takes back all of Nosmoke’s industrial tools in Deux-Sèvres, and also benefits from the company’s good financial health. to develop a new model made official through a first teaser.

The rise of 100% electric microcars

Classified in the category of electric microcars and developed under the code name Kate K1, this urban microcar dreams of being a worthy competitor to the famous Citroën Ami.

In the era of electric SUVs and other increasingly large models, Kate wants to go straight to the point by offering a new electric model that meets the mobility needs of the Frenchespecially for short trips.

The rise of micro-urban cars in France gained momentum a few years ago with the Citroën Ami. It has increased with the arrival of several new models of this type, such as the XEV Yoyo that we recently tested, or the very soon presentation of the Ligier Myli, a small 100% electric French car without a license.

The K1 will fit into this segment according to Kate’s CEO and co-founder, Matthias Goldenberg: “We are truly convinced that two-tonne SUVs, whether thermal or even electric, are not the future of everyday mobility. Used for daily commutes, the car of tomorrow will be light, clean and energy efficient, offering equal protection to drivers, passengers and other road users.”

Two versions of the program?

The manufacturer has not yet given technical details about this model, but there are some clues in the press release, in particular when the company recalls that “98% of daily trips are less than 80 kilometers”. So we imagine that this model should offer approx. 100 kilometer range in its basic version.

The brand speaks of a ” responsible and sustainable microcar, made in France in the best industrial and ethical conditions without giving more details. Surely a pike sent to the Citroën Ami, made in Morocco and not in France.

As is often the case in this segment, manufacturers offer several versions to meet various needs, especially for teenagers who do not yet have a driver’s license. In this way, the Kate K1 could be offered in two versions : the first in a light quadricycle, accessible without a license with a maximum speed limited to 45 km/h, and the second in a heavy quadricycle with greater power and speed, accessible from the age of 16 with a B1 license.

The offer could follow the model of Mobilize, the new brand of the Renault group, with the Duo, the replacement for the Renault Twizy. In this case, the Kate K1 would take a slight advantage over the Citroën Ami, which is still limited to 45 km/h and is limited to the category of light quadricycles. The presentation of the Kate K1 is expected this summer.

The Citroën Ami can shake: this electric car without a license wants to dethrone it

Ligier, the famous license-free French car manufacturer, embarks on the 100% electric adventure with the Myli. It will be available in spring 2023 and promises to have the best range in the industry.
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