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Opera web browser has announced the upcoming integration of ChatGPT to boost your experience with artificial intelligence. The OpenAI technology will be used mainly to generate a short summary of any web page or article.

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Since the end of 2022 and the outbreak of ChatGPT, all the major tech companies have been on the warpath. His new workhorse: artificial intelligence. It has to be said that the OpenAI conversational agent was particularly impressive in its early days, despite a few small glitches here and there.

But its capabilities are so likely to transform the way we browse the Internet and interact with browsers that several multinationals (Google, Microsoft) immediately set their sights on it. The Mountain View company has thus presented Bard, its internal solution that has already made it lose 100,000 million dollars due to an oversight.

The opera enters the dance

For its part, the Redmond group has partnered directly with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into Bing and Edge. And because the more the merrier, a third crook recently invited himself to the party, I named Opera. The Norwegian-born browser laid out his ambitions in this area in a blog post.

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Opera Software has just announced the upcoming integration of ChatGPT in its browser. Initially, the usage will remain simple and precise: a “Shorten” button, which could be translated as “Summary”, will be available at the top right of your web page. Clicking on it will cause the AI ​​to generate a short summary of a web page or article.

As the example video posted by Opera shows us, ChatGPT strives to summarize a news article in the form of a bulleted list. This feature will work on both PC and mobile devices. For the moment, no deployment date has been given by the group, which nevertheless indicated to the edge a release forSoon».

Microsoft stays ahead

Here, therefore, Opera enters the dance of AI-powered browsers, and even goes head-to-head with Microsoft by partnering with OpenAI. However, the Windows Developer still retains an advantage as Bing’s built-in features are not limited to summarizing pages, it is capable of doing so as well.

In fact, Microsoft will be looking to fully exploit ChapGPT thanks to the GPT-4 version, which should be much more efficient than the current iteration thanks to better-constructed, faster, and more humane responses. In short: a true conversational agent that could change the way we browse the Internet.

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