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The update to Android 14 adds a new notification to warn of low energy. We got very low with a 2% battery alert.

Three smartphones and three more or less filled battery icons
Here’s what you need to know about your phone’s lithium-ion batteries // Source: Frandroid

Android 14 development is on the way. Currently, the future operating system is only in Developer Preview 2, but this already allows you to find some new features for the next update. Among them, there is one dedicated to people who like to live dangerously or just airheads who forget to check the battery level to recharge the phone.

A 2% battery alert

as reported AndroidPolice, smartphones updated to Android 14 will be entitled to a new alert to report a low battery level. We already knew, in Android 13 for example, these notifications at 20 and 10%. Now there will be a new one at 2% energy. “very low battery. remaining 2%. Charge your phone or it will die soon“, we read in the screenshot shared by the American medium.

A new notification in Android 14 warns when you reach 2% battery // Source: AndroidPolice

The teams responsible for Android development may have noticed that many people continue to actively use their smartphones even after they have passed the 10% threshold. With a 2% battery alert, Android 14 could lead to more responsiveness from users. However, some might see this alert simply as a last breath before death.

A few reminders about smartphone batteries

It is worth remembering that the lithium-ion batteries in our smartphones have several advantages, but they suffer from an inexorable problem: with charging cycles, they see their initial capacity diminish. We generally talk about a 20% loss of capacity in two years, but the latest generations of accumulators promise to extend this period to three or four years.

However, this degradation can slow down or speed up depending on how we use our smartphones. And, ideally, to optimize the life of our batteries, we should keep them as much as possible between 20 and 80% charge.

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