A little back, Suzuki announces its first electric car and plays with words with autonomy

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A bit overwhelmed by its rivals, Suzuki plans to launch its first 100% electric vehicle in 2025. But first, the Japanese firm presents a new concept car, called eVX, in charge of announcing this long-awaited future electric car.

From 2035, all manufacturers present in Europe must only sell electric cars. If there are some exemptions for brands that sell very few vehicles each year, all generalists will be concerned.

Although most have already begun to develop their electric range well, such as Volvo, which now only offers electrified models, or Volkswagen, others are on the right track. This is particularly the case for Ford, which is halting production of the Fiesta to focus on electric.

A delay to catch up

On the other hand, some are still lagging behind. This is particularly the case with Suzuki, which is content to offer hybrid vehicles, plug-and-play or not, like the Across, S-Cross and other Swifts. But for now, there is not the slightest trace of any electric model. This could be a problem in a very short time for the manufacturer, while Europe also wants to kill these engines in the long term. Suffice it to say that the brand is determined to catch up quickly.

To do this, he took advantage of the delhi living room, which opens its doors this Thursday, January 12 until Sunday, January 15 to present not a production model but a concept car. Called Suzuki eVX, this heralds the brand’s first electric vehicle, as stated in the official press release. At the moment, little information has been revealed in this regard, but the brand explains that its objective is ” capitalize on 50 years of 4×4 experience […] applying this know-how to 100% electric vehicles« .

4.30 meters long, therefore, the concept heralds a compact SUV that will fight in a highly competitive category, against the Peugeot e-2008, Volvo XC40 Recharge and other Renault Mégane E-Tech. The width is shown at 1.80 meters by 1.60 meters high. This is the only official data of this eVX, which shows a new style, announcing a new strategy in terms of design for the brand.

At the front, the lights remind us of the Citroën ë-C4, while the rear would make us think more of the XC40 precisely. An amazing mix of genres and a futuristic style, which should be pretty close to the production model. However, not a word has been said about the interior at this stage.

Correct autonomy

For the moment, Suzuki is not very talkative with this concept car, which nevertheless announces a 180 ° turn, both in design and in engine. In fact, we have nothing more and nothing less than the first 100% electric model from the manufacturer. And yet the technical data remains mysterious. The signature only specifies that the concept incorporates a 60 kWh battery, offering a range of 550 kilometers.

Data based on Indian MIDC certification cycle, much more optimistic than our European WLTP as specified Auto Car India a few months ago and as can be seen in the following table. The MIDC (ARAI) does not test electric cars at high speeds, where they consume the most. We see that the Kona Electric announced at 452 km in the MIDC cycle has 282 km in the city…

Therefore, we should expect a slightly lower number in Europe. Suzuki also announces that your electric SUV will have all-wheel drive, suggesting that a dual-engine architecture will be offered. But for now, not a single word about the power of this future vehicle.

We will still have to be patient before seeing the production version of this Suzuki eVX arrive, since this shouldn’t see the light of day before 2025. This should then be produced in India, a country in which the brand has just opened a factory dedicated to the production of batteries. This model will have a global vocation and will be well integrated into the European catalog over the next few years.

A few months ago, the Japanese firm made headlines by presenting an unusual technology to recycle batteries, reused to operate streetlights. An idea similar to that of Nissan, which had done the same with Leaf accumulators in 2018.

Manufacturers double their imagination to recycle electric car batteries

While manufacturers are actively thinking about recycling the batteries in their electric cars, Suzuki seems to have found a new solution.
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