a leak reveals the prices and scares because of the quality/price ratio

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Samsung would offer a nice price increase on its range, which is known for its affordability. The Galaxy A34 and the Galaxy A54 appear to be bearing the brunt of inflation.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 are perhaps less media coverage than the brand’s future folding phones or the Galaxy S range, and yet these are many of the smartphones that people buy in volume. In fact, the Galaxy A range is known for its more affordable nature and its quality/price ratio. Without fully competing with Xiaomi, Samsung offers good options here for those looking for a robust smartphone without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, inflation has passed and what was true yesterday seems about to become false. A leak intends to reveal the prices of the future Samsung Galaxy A. The bill will be salty.

Up to 60 euros increase

Let’s take a look at the price range above. Samsung launched the Galaxy A33 at 379 euros and the Galaxy A53 at 459 euros. According to SnoopyTech’s account, Samsung should increase its prices between 40 and 60 euros.

Galaxy A14: €219
Galaxy A34: €419
Galaxy A54: €519

(128GB) pic.twitter.com/yBwPZgUfPg

—SnoopyTech (@_snoopytech_) March 6, 2023

Thus, the Galaxy A34 would be marketed at 419 euros and the Galaxy A54 at 519 euros. Therefore, we would exceed the level of 500 euros for what in principle is a smartphone that represents the mid-range. Historically, the A5 range was designed for a price that ranged between 400 and 450 euros.

With the successive price increases in these segments where the most interesting smartphones are generally found in terms of quality/price ratio, the choice of some consumers will be restricted. The range of the Galaxy A10 remains around 200 euros, but in general it has more difficulties to be relevant compared to Xiaomi’s Redmi Note.

Samsung should formalize these new smartphones in the coming weeks.

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