a large futuristic electric SUV designed for families

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The Korean manufacturer Kia has just presented its first 100% electric six-seater SUV with the EV9. It is a large electric SUV with a design straight out of a science fiction movie and quite interesting habitability, with a second row of revolving seats.

Here is the new flagship of the Kia range and, as expected, it is an electric SUV, specifically the Kia EV9, a model announced by the Korean manufacturer several months ago.

As can be seen in the photos, the Kia EV9 is a beautiful baby and in general it retains the aesthetic codes inaugurated in the concept car presented in 2021.

Finally an electric SUV for (large) families?

Also on the plus side, Kia doesn’t bring out the photocopier for each of its models, this EV9 in general doesn’t have much to do aesthetically with an EV6 for example, although we recognize some similar traits on certain levels.

In general, the lines are quite cubic, with a roughly carved body. We can’t help but see a little connection to a certain Volvo EX90.

While there is no official sizing information yet, the Kia EV9 is expected to retain the proportions of the concept. As a reminder, the latter measured 4.93 meters long1.79 meters tall and had a wheelbase of 3.10 meters.

Note the presence of “normal” mirrors, unlike the cameras present in the concept and certain prototypes seen during testing. However, it is very likely that they will be offered as an option at a later date, as is the case (in certain markets) with the Genesis GV60 and the Hyundai Ioniq 5, two other models based on the E-GMP platform, such as this Kia EV9.

like in your living room

Inside, the Kia EV9 can tackle up to six passengers thanks to three rows of seats. But why not seven? Simply because Kia has chosen to opt for a second row equipped with swivel seats.

This system makes it easy for passengers to get on board, but also to be face to face with the occupants of the third row, much like a minivan.

The dashboard is quite classic, at least for a Kia model, since the minimalist look is generally found in the Kia EV6. Therefore, there is a double screen, one for the digital instrumentation and the other, tactile, to manage the infotainment system.

Despite the presence of a touch screen, there are many physical controls, not on the center console, but on the steering wheel and door panels.

Towards record charging power?

As is often the case with the Kia-Hyundai group models, the information regarding the engines, the powers and the sizes of the batteries (and therefore the autonomy) are not revealed from the outset. If we refer to the 2021 concept car, the onboard car a battery with a capacity of 100 kWh and was based on an 800 volt architecture.

This certainly suggests a record charging power, around 350 kilowatts as they can accept today some Ionity terminals (of which Kia is part of the consortium).

The Kia EV9 should be entitled to several engines. A single-engine version is probably on the cards, which would make it a propulsion. It should be developed, like the Kia EV6, 229 channels. Surely there will also be a variant with two engines and four-wheel drive, and if we are still referring to the Kia EV6, it should be entitled to 325 channels.

Regarding autonomy, we still have no information, but it is difficult to imagine that such a beautiful baby has less 500 kilometer rangeeven in the basic version.

As for the prices, they will also be known later. The entry ticket should be, in France, probably above 60,000 euros for the basic version and close to 75,000 euros for a high-end version.

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