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For people who want to take the plunge into photography on a dedicated camera, Canon now offers a sub-$1,000 hybrid body, the Canon EOS R50.

The Canon EOS R50
The Canon EOS R50 // Source: Canon

Along with its new entry-level full-frame camera, the Canon EOS R8, Canon has introduced an affordable second body, the Canon EOS R50. It is a hybrid camera with a photosensor in APS-C format designed to start the transition from smartphone photography to camera photography.

To this end, the Canon EOS R50 completes the range of Canon APS-C bodies in RF mount started last year with the Canon EOS R7 and Canon EOS R10. The device thus incorporates a 24.2 million pixel sensor in APS-C format, that is, 22.3 x 14.9 mm. It offers various subject recognition AF technologies such as face, eye, cat, dog, bird, car and motorcycle detection. The camera can also achieve a burst rate of 15 frames per second with the electronic shutter and up to 12 frames per second with the mechanical shutter.

The Canon EOS R50
The Canon EOS R50 // Source: Canon

On the video side, the Canon EOS R50 is capable of recording 4K 30p images with 6K upsampling. The device is also capable of recording Full HD video at up to 120 frames per second. Vertical formats are also supported and the touch screen on the ball head is there to allow easy handling for vlogging.

An ideal camera for beginners.

The Canon EOS R50 also includes many modes for beginners with a simple explanation of each menu to learn about photography. It also offers a mode creative bracketing which will allow you to take four different photos with different filter effects in one shot. Enough to allow people new to photography to learn about the different effects possible before looking at developing RAW files.

As for connectivity, the Canon EOS R50 benefits from a microphone input, a micro-HDMI output and a USB-C socket. It doesn’t benefit from a wheel on the back or joystick though, autofocus management is via the cloverleaf on the back of the case. Also, like the EOS R8, the EOS R0 does not benefit from a stabilized sensor. It also offers a maximum sensitivity of ISO 32,000, expandable up to ISO 51,200.

The Canon EOS R50 will be available from March. It will be offered naked at 829 euros, as a kit with an 18-45mm (f/4.5-5.6) photographic lens, equivalent to 29-72mm, at 949 euros or as a kit with the 18-45mm and a second lens 55 -210 mm, equivalent 88-336 mm, (f/5.0-7.1) at 1199 euros.

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