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Samsung has already teased the arrival of a mixed reality headset in partnership with Google and Qualcomm. A source tells more about the future features of the product.

The old Samsung Gear VR headset // Source: Hammer & Tusk – Unsplash

At the same time as the introduction of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Book 3, Samsung announced that it was working on “a new XR experience” in partnership with Qualcomm and Google. The year we look forward to Apple’s first mixed reality headset isn’t necessarily trivial.

A high-end helmet

According to the rumors surrounding the project, this new helmet presented by Samsung should compete with the Meta Quest Pro and Apple’s helmet. In other words, we would be facing a new technological showcase.

In addition to its partnership with Qualcomm, which ensures the integration of a dedicated Snapdragon SoC for this standalone headset, and Google, which should provide a special version of Android for the occasion, Samsung has found new partners. Meta and Microsoft would also be there. This likely means compatibility with Windows 11 mixed reality apps, and by extension SteamVR.

the new details

A trademark registration has certainly revealed the future name of the product. In fact, Samsung has registered the name “Galaxy Glasses”, which suggests connected glasses. The GalaxyClub site goes further by stating that the headphones will offer, like Meta Quest Pro, a mixed reality experience. In other words, the possibility of making 3D objects appear in the real environment thanks to a completely immersive helmet.

With the quality of displays, cameras, and chips currently found in a Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung is more than well equipped to develop a next-generation mixed reality headset.

It remains to be seen when the firm will release its work in the field. Apple headphones are now expected for WWDC in June. Samsung could say more during the presentation of its next folding smartphones, scheduled for summer.

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