a citizen vote to seal the fate of self-service electric scooters

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On April 2, Parisians are invited to vote at polling stations whether or not to keep self-service electric scooters in the capital. Anne Hidalgo has in fact announced a citizen vote in the columns of Paris.

Source: Mika Baumeister via Unsplash

In Paris, a threat has hung over self-service electric scooters for six months. So much so that its ban could simply become a reality in 2023. In any case, this is the will of the Paris city hall, which today is explicitly against maintaining its machines.

But to seal her fate, Anne Hidalgo and her teams will rely on the vote of the Parisians. In any case, this was announced by the mayor of Paris in the newspaper columns. the parisian (paid article): on April 2, 2023, a citizen vote will be organized in the polling stations of the capital to invite the inhabitants of the city to make a decision.

“We respect the choice of Parisians and Parisians”

The idea is ” answer a very simple question: do we continue with self-service motorcycles or not? “. Whatever happens, the municipality will respect the results of this consultation. David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of mobility, has also repeated it in RMC : « We will respect the choice of Parisians and Parisians.».

Lime adds an unlimited plan to its offer

Ana Hidalgo inthe parisian David Belliard inRMC: here, the mayor and his deputy form a common front to oppose self-service electric scooters. In recent months, Mr. Belliard has also multiplied the media to point the finger at the many problems that emanate from these floating machines.

«I’ve been seeing for two and a half years how difficult it is in the public space, we have a certain number of problems. Many people tell me that they feel in danger. So not only do they feel endangered by the scooters, of course, but the scooters are part of the problem.“He explained to the RMC microphone.

Ecological, security and social reasons

And to continue:We tried to regulate them: today we see that it does not work at all. There are advances, but it doesn’t work completely, and I believe that the public space must be appeased. In any case, this is the meaning of my position, and it is also the meaning of the process that has been proposed.».

electric scooter
Source: Jonas Jacobsson via Unsplash

For her part, Anne Hidalgo raises issues related to the ecological and social aspect. “There is a real problem with free floating. It is not ecological. Company employees are not properly protected“argues the chosen Parisian.

Effort, but not enough

It should be remembered that not all electric scooters would be banned: these are scooters available in self-service and operated by three operators (Lime, Dott and Tiers) who won a tender in September 2020. Each company is authorized to operate a fleet of 5,000 machines. . Of course, personal scooters will always be legal.

In recent months, the aforementioned trio has implemented a series of measures, in order to appease the council. Ban on minors, registration, free distribution of helmets by Lima: the efforts are real and palpable, but they do not seem convincing.

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