a cheaper model could see the light of day thanks to the FE range

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According to information from a South Korean outlet, the Fan Edition range could return to the spotlight this year through a Galaxy S23 FE expected between August and September. In return, a model would disappear from the catalog.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner and Chloé Pertuis

In 2020, the Galaxy S20 FE, for Fan Edition, clearly won over the general public in Europe. As a reminder, this range of phones is looking to make small compromises to bring its price down, while still offering a relatively high-end experience. This inaugural formula had been a complete success for the Korean giant.

Unfortunately, Samsung had a few glitches around the time of the S21 FE’s release (January 2022, as a reminder). This model was launched just before the Galaxy S22… whose price was very close – a difference of 100 euros in its minimum configuration. Last year, no S22 FE was introduced.

Put your calendar in order

This choice can be explained by two reasons: one, Samsung may have wanted to restore order to its business calendar. Skipping the S22 FE to better focus on an S23 FE released over the summer makes a lot of sense. Two, the shortage of semiconductors could have played a role in all of this as well.

The fact is that a South Korean outlet by the name of Hankook – transmitted by SamMobile – understand that a Galaxy S23 FE is part of Samsung’s plans this year. The market leader would have a launch window in August or September, about six months after the launch of the Galaxy S23. A moment that seems relevant.

Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner and Chloé Pertuis

The return of a Fan Edition model would, however, be at the cost of another Samsung smartphone: the A74 -which would logically replace the current A73- would disappear from the catalog. A theory also proposed by winfutureand, therefore, it makes its way over the information collected from right to left.

This decision would be justified by the following fact: the Galaxy A74 would cannibalize Samsung’s offer, due to a price that is too close to the potential S23 FE. The risk of self-competition and undermining the sales of one or the other would then be real.

A narrow financial range

Knowing that the A34 could sell for over 400 euros, compared to around 500 euros for the A54, we can imagine that an A74 would sell for more than 600 euros. The Galaxy S23 FE could be around 800 euros: a difference that Samsung would consider too low compared to the more expensive Galaxy A.

It is convenient for the moment to accommodate these elements with a minimum of clamps. But if these are the plans of the Korean group, then more leaks in this direction will occur in the coming months.

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