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History will remember that Bose was the first manufacturer to offer a range of noise canceling headphones on the market. Having become iconic, the QuietComfort iteration, also called the QC, has continued to refine the routine ever since. For the winter sales of 2023, Cdiscount lowers the price of the Bose QC 45, going from 349 to 249 euros.

A pioneer in noise reduction technology, Bose is in no rush to refresh its QuietComfort range every year. The manufacturer prefers to take its time to significantly improve each version. Currently, the Bose QC 45 reference costs 100 euros less for the winter sales of 2023.

Why is the Bose QC 45 interesting?

  • An ergonomic, multipoint Bluetooth headset
  • Great autonomy
  • Active noise reduction and transparent mode

Instead of the usual 349 euros, the Bose QC 45 is now available on sale for 249 euros at Cdiscount.

If you’re on a slightly more limited budget, but still want to take advantage of Bose know-how, there’s the Bose QC SE (Special Edition) on sale at €199 instead of €269.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, check below to find other promotions for the product. The table is automatically updated.

where to buy the

Bose QuietComfort 45 at the best price?

Comfortable on-ear headphones

The choice of the name of the range is far from trivial. Bose announces the color with its QuietComfort that combines comfort and elegance. With the Bose QC 45, the memory foam ear cushions completely cover the ears and headphones. As a result, in use, the ears are not subjected to pressure. The fit of the pressure on the skull has also been optimized to accentuate comfort.

One of the strengths of this model is its multipoint Bluetooth compatibility. This allows you to simultaneously connect it to two terminals, a smartphone and a PC, for example. Switching from one device to another will be seamless. On the helmet we find the classic buttons to pause, volume up/down, skip/return to music.

The reference in active noise reduction

Bose is a leader in active noise reduction technology and once again the manufacturer proves it with the Bose QC 45. The circumaural format itself acts as passive isolation. That said, the audio specialist includes dedicated microphones in this model whose function is to reduce ambient noise. The result is as always satisfactory.

Acoustic Noise Canceling technology is working to optimize the sound of the four speakers and the equalizer of these headphones. You have the Quiet mode to completely isolate yourself from the outside. Aware mode, on the other hand, allows you to listen to ambient noise. Finally, this model features USB-C which will speed up charging. In this sense, a quarter of an hour is equivalent to three hours of listening. It takes 2h30 to recharge it to 100%. As for autonomy, it is 24 hours with Quiet mode activated.

To find out even more, feel free to read our full test on the Bose QC 45.

7 /10

Bose Quiet Comfort 45

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