7 years later, Samsung is still behind in a detail of updates

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While we were waiting for the A/B updates to arrive on the Samsung Galaxy S23, the manufacturer did not implement them on its latest series of smartphones. A feature introduced in Android in 2016 and found in several other brands.

Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus // Source: Frandroid

A few days ago we formalized and processed the Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra. The opportunity to take stock of the new features brought by the latest Samsung smartphones. However, it seems that these new high-end mobiles do not take advantage of the function Hassle free updates of Android, despite the arrival of One UI 5.1, the manufacturer’s interface based on Android 13.

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No Hassle free updates for galaxy S23

The journalist from computer base Nicolas La Rocco said on Twitter that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra does not support continuous updates.

He #GalaxyS23Ultra does not support A/B partitions yet. pic.twitter.com/A1i1RGWyhh

—Nicolas La Rocco (@roccetry) February 3, 2023

First therefore, always reboot your Samsung model when a system update is downloaded, then wait in front of an installation screen for the update to be implemented. Although the feature is not available on the Galaxy S23, the brand is known for being late on this. Samsung mentioned its arrival at One UI 6, the future interface based on Android 14.

It will be remembered, in return, that Samsung remains one of the best students in software monitoring longevity by guaranteeing four years of major Android updates. And the manufacturer intends to improve the speed of deployments.

What are the updates for? transparent » ?

HE Hassle free updates (literally “transparent updates”) are a type of Android update that is based on an A/B partition system. In it, Android is divided into two parts: A and B. The operating system is active on the first partition, and the new version of Android is downloaded on the second. Once the download is complete, when you reboot your smartphone, this is done to partition B, which is then activated.

A/B partition system makes Android updates easy (Schematic by XDA Developers)

This avoids having to wait for your phone to update. Lately, Android 13 has improved theHassle free updateswith reduced installation time.

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