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The CAD files transformed into 3D renders allow us to get a first aesthetic idea of ​​the iPhone 15 Pro. In addition to the presence of a long-awaited USB-C port, this model would give more prominence to the curvatures. For a potentially nicer grip.

Source: Ian Zelbo via 9to5Mac

Like every year, the new iPhone range is expected in September. Vintage 2023 will mark a profound change, as the iPhone 15 should definitely switch to USB-C, pressure from the European Union compels. Other small novelties could also be in the game.

In any case, this is what the 3D renders of the iPhone 15 Pro published exclusively by 9to5Mac. These renderings are based on technical CAD files, which include the layout and dimensions of a device. They are sent by the employees of the firm on the block to its various service providers.

USB-C on everyone’s lips

By holding it in your hands, it is possible to get a good visual idea of ​​a device. This is where a 3D designer comes in, Ian Zelbo in this case. More specifically, what can we learn from this credible leak? That the switch to USB-C should take place. Be warned though, Apple’s USB-C wouldn’t be like the others.

In general, the iPhone 15 Pro would opt for more curved lines, at the edges, for example. In addition, its edges would be thinner than its predecessor, which would be a real plus to perfect the model’s finishes. The grip could be even nicer than it was.

New camera equipment?

The media 9to5Mac it also stops at the photographic module of the cameras: it would be thicker than in the previous generation. So it is suggested that a hardware update to the sensors would be in the Apple docs, although this suggestion should be received with a grain of salt.

As recent noises in the hallways suggest, the physical volume buttons would be replaced by capacitive buttons. This is to reduce the number of parts and improve resistance to water and dust. Once again, we will have to wait until the big fundamental September to get to the bottom of it.

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