$10 billion to integrate GPT into its services

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Microsoft would like to integrate the ChatGPT prowess with Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint as well as Bing. The company would invest heavily in OpenAI.

The Office suite is at the center of Microsoft 365 // Source: Microsoft

OpenAI seems to have won its bet with ChatGPT. The tool impressed everyone and Microsoft took notice. We quickly learned that Microsoft would work to integrate ChatGPT with Bing to undercut Google, but the company wasn’t stopping there.

On Thursday, January 5, the Wall Street Journal reported that OpenAI, the startup behind ChatGPT, was seeking new investors for $29 billion. the multimedia traffic light reveals that this funding round would have found a partial taker in Microsoft. The Redmond firm would invest no less than 10,000 million dollars in the startup.

Become an AI leader and fast

With these 10 billion dollars, Microsoft wants to quickly invest in one of the champions of artificial intelligence. To run ChatGPT and its other services, OpenAI uses the Microsoft cloud. The further the startup progresses, the better it will be for immediate cloud revenue at Microsoft. Semafor further reveals that this investment would allow Microsoft to recoup 75% of OpenAI’s profits as long as the startup has not repaid the tech giant.

Beyond this line of business, it would obviously be a significant investment to take a place in the coveted field of AI. Microsoft already has an exclusive license to use GPT-3, the language model developed and used by OpenAI.

Integrate AI into all Microsoft services

Bing wouldn’t be the only Microsoft service to integrate with ChatGPT in the coming months. According to InformationMicrosoft is considering integrating OpenAI’s AI into Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

This, for example, would improve search results in Outlook so that users can find your emails without even using keywords. Like Gmail, Outlook could also help the user compose an email by suggesting certain terms. ChatGPT has already been used by Internet users to compose long texts, and it’s easy to imagine an integration with Outlook that allows you to create a complete email in just a few words.

In October 2022, Microsoft has already presented an AI imaging tool using DALL-E 2. The Redmond firm is not alone in this race for intelligence. If it would move so fast on this front, it’s because the competition promises to be fierce, especially with Google already well advanced in its own research in the field.

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